April 2008.

In the foreground a small but perfectly formed, 85mm Televue APO refractor sits on top of its Losmandy GM8 mount. The owner, Tony Cook can be seen as a ghostly white blob illuminated by his laptop screen. After a succesful visit last year (see our guests gallery)Tony returned here to continue his quest to image small faint comets.
In the background, in the dome our 18cm Intes is being prepared to image Saturn.

Despite looking like Blackpool illuminations, in reality there was barely enough light anywhere to focus this shot!

2*5 minute exposure at 400 ASA. Canon 10D.

April 2007.

The International Space Station rises from the west as a setting Venus shines like the Moon over the observers shoulder.This striking time exposure was taken as Phil Moore used our half metre Dobsonian to observe the spring sky with its' many galaxies.

Pictured here on the hardstanding area is a TEC 10" f20 maksutov-cassegrain mounted on an Astropysics 900 equatorial mount.
The SBIG 11000 camera fitted to the TEC has a ccd chip with the same area as 35mm film.The Moon provided the lighting for this picture.

The half meter in moonlight. This picture shows how, even at the zenith, the observing platform makes using this large telescope very comfortable.
Despite a Moon good views were seen of planetary nebula, globulars and some brighter galaxies.

Here are members of the Ilkeston and District Astronomical Society on a four day visit during early October 2005. They returned for a second visit in March 2006. They had some clear skies on both occasions.