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Moon. Bradworthy Devon. 23:37 11th January 2014.
Intes MN71. 18cm Maksutov Newtonian & barlow. Canon 40D DSLR.

A single exposure of 1/64th. Almost exactly the same aspect as the preceeding picture! Quicly taken at the end of a session imaging Jupiter. The Jupiter images were no good at all but this picture went some way to making up for the evening.

10 Day Moon. Bradworthy Devon. 23:00 10th March 2006.
Intes MN71. 18cm Maksutov Newtonian. Nikon 4500 digital still camera.
A single exposure of 1/250th of a second has captured a moon showing lots of detail. Although a single exposure this image is a composite of four different versions of that image, blended in Photoshop, to give a much more even tonal range and hence show more detail.

1st Quarter Moon. Bradworthy Devon. 23:20 16th April 2005.
0.5 meter Dobsonian. Nikon 4500 digital still camera.
A composite picture made up of 4 separate frames taken down the terminator. The exposures were around 1/200th sec. Individual frames were overlayed in Photoshop and carefully adjusted to match in brightness and contrast. A wealth of detail can be seen in the final image (25mb). Some of the main features are named on the larger image. The weather was frosty and operating the camera controls with numb fingers was a very real problem.
1st Quarter moon

Tycho area at full Moon. Bradworthy Devon. 26th March 2005.
0.5 meter Dobsonian. Nikon 4500 digital still camera.
This picture shows interesting details on the limb. Note how features seen in profile on the limb look much smoother and more rounded than features seen from overhead. The only other time lunar features show this aspect is in images from the Apollo missions. The telescope was undriven and the exposure time was 1/700th sec.

The Moon at 3 days. Alport. Derbyshire. May 22nd 2004
15cm Maksutov-Newtonian.
To-U-Pro webcam.
Produced from 5 video clips of about 100 frames each. Each clip covered a part of the terminator. Still frames were made from the video clips using Registax and then combined using Photoshop. A lot of effort for an image that is actually, not that detailed! Again this image was shot from Alport heights in Derbyshire. Some details of the features are on the larger image.  

2 day Moon with Earthshine. Nottingham May 21st 2004
80mm Refractor.
Nikon 4500 digital still camera.
The Moon was about 15 degrees from the horizon when this picture was taken. It is a composite of a half second exposure for the crescent and an eight second exposure to show the earthshine. The telescope was mounted on a camera tripod and so was undriven.
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