About mounting Digital SLR cameras.

Unusually for a Newtonian the Quattro can be bought to focus outside of the focuser.
(due in no small part to the Moonlight focuser).
The margin of focus is however quite small and as the sensor in a
DSLR camera tends to be much more deeply embeded in the camera body than
that in a dedicated CCD camera the following notes are important.

To mount a DSLR onto a telescope you generally need two components.
These are a 'T mount' for your camera and a nose piece which screws
into the 'T mount'and enables it to fit into the focuser.

Most 'T mount' adapters are the same and extend about 9mm from the camera body,
but some can be thicker and these can stop focus being achieved on the Quattro.

The nose piece that fits into the focuser can also be a problem.
The nose piece should enable the camera to be inserted right up to the 'T mount'.
We have encountered some nose pieces, mainly 2", with a large step in the body that add
6 -10mm to the length of the adapter assembly, again these will stop focus being achieved.
We have suitable 1.25" or 2" nose pieces that can be used with your T mount if necessary.

If there is no step in the nose piece and the T mount is of
normal thickness then focussing with most DSLRs should be no problem.