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The Sun. Imaged from Bradworthy, Devon. 26th November 2006
40mm Coronado PST refractor. Panasonic camcorder.
Taken with Murray's Coronado PST mounted on a camera tripod. The sun was allowed to drift across the frame. This image was taken on a digital camcorder, the footage imported into Studio 8 and a .avi file was produced from a few seconds exposure time. It was then stacked and aligned in Registax and the final touches done in Photoshop.
These modest prominences on the limb are vast in scale. Murray estimates that the structure shown here were about 80,500 miles in length and 36,500 in height. As a guide the Earth is a mere 7,927 miles in diameter!

The Sun. Imaged from Bradworthy, Devon. 15.00pm. 15th March 2006
40mm Coronado PST refractor . To-U-Pro webcam. SkyScan EQ6 mount.
This image, in the H-alpha band, was taken with a Coronado PST, borrowed from Tonys' brother Paul. The Sun was low in the sky so the seeing was not good. Despite this the prominences on the limb reveal themselves to be very complex in nature. This image started life as a 500 frame AVI which was then processed through Registax and Photoshop.

The Sun. Imaged from Nottingham. 26th Oct 2003
80mm f5 refractor / Baader solar film. To-U-Pro webcam.
This picture of the sun,showing unprecedented activity,was a very rushed affair. It was taken within hours of buying the webcam! The telescope was on an alt-az mount and 'tracking and stacking' was done in Registax. The sun was imaged in two sections then joined together and finished in Photoshop.

Sun Spots
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